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If you make 100 sales in a month well pay 50% commission on every sale which means youll make 1,000!

Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process of dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.

BLI will assist you in developing your plan, owning your plan and making it actionable.

Developing your Legacy Impact BLI will assist you in determining where you can make the most impact.

- - Web App Edit diagrams online together with colleagues - - Version 5.2Grouped layout - - Version 5.1Twitter import, new network layout, hiding items by click - - Version 4.9Table view where items can be rearranged by drag and drop - - Version 4.8Import from other Wikipedia projects such as Wikinews, Wikitravel, Wikibooks, etc.

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Speed Dating, as a single word, is a registered trademark of Aish Ha Torah.

In the document preview, images can be rearranged and deleted. - - version 4.3Images can be inserted into the diagram - - version 4.2Categories can be edited and deleted, moved diagram layout settings from the Format menu to the View menu, a saved view can be automatically restored when the diagram is opened - - version 4.1Import and export of tables in CSV format, the size of the visible diagram section can be defined and saved in the database, notes are initially opened read only, items with descriptions are marked with a question mark - - version 3.8List with items per category - - Android Appreleased in Google Play Store and Amazon App-Shop - - version 3.7Layout and shapes for flowcharts - - version 3.6amazing background patterns - - version 3.5 define categories to format items and relations alike, hide and show items and relations, fit diagram to view size by doubleclicking on the background, show number of continuative relations, download link for diagrams in the cloud, diagrams uploaded with the Professional or Enterprise Edition may stay up to 400 days in the cloud - - version 3.4 fast draft mode - - version 3.3 display mathematical formulas in diagrams, look up items in the web, color palettes and gradients, background patterns - - version 3.2 symbols can be attached to items - - version 3.1 added new diagram styles and improved the user interface - - version 2.8 Windows 8 style user interface, uploaded diagrams can be edited online - - version 2.7 improved text analysis and added text notes - - now availableas App in the Windows Store - - version 2.6 relations can be moved by drag and drop - - version 2.5 with text analysis mode, which automatically adds a new item to the diagram when text is selected; the new item has the selected text as title and the whole sentence as description - - version 2.4 view switchable to fast drawing mode for smoother animations - - version 2.3 with improved layout engine - - version 2.2 with sliders for zoom and distance and drag and drop for creating new items and relations - - version 2.1 with a presentation mode for easier browsing the diagram - - version 2.0 with improved user interface, selectable arrows and Enterprise Edition with Java Backend für J2EE Servers - - version 1.8 with a new diagram editor and installer - - version 1.7 with WYSIWYG inplace text editor and Media Wiki import with categories - - version 1.6 with bugfixes - - version 1.5 with free upload of knowledge maps to the internet - - version 1.4 with GEDCOM import for family trees and HTML formattings in names and descriptions - - version 1.3 with 3D view and diagram export as image file - - version 1.2 with Media Wiki database import and a function for copying the diagrams through the clipboard to other applications - - version 1.1 with more static layout while browsing and improved memory management during import - - version 1.0 of Info Rapid Knowledge Base Builder With the Info Rapid Knowledge Base Builder, you can create mind maps and flowcharts of almost unlimited size, which are displayed partially by the program.

This allows you to organize all your ideas and knowledge in a browsable cross-linked chart and memorize them by the help of the flashcards method.

- - Version 4.6When selecting text in the note panel the Wikipedia article belonging to to the selected text is automatically searched.

- - Version 4.5Wikipedia articles and images can be imported.

Items can be expanded and collapsed in order to show the description text in the diagram.

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