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Even going beyond page one of the search results will cause the payment screen to appear! They lure you in with non-existent profiles, then pressure you into paying for a subscription by severely limiting the functionality of the website. Using the limited search options that are available, I could not locate any of the people listed on the Disabilitydatingclub. Additionally, having an open mind and heart are an added bonus when love comes into play.

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Our members use our dating service not only to find love, but also friendship.

It would stand to reason that the majority of the Earth's population has some form of disability; some are just more apparent than others.

However, some of the happiest people around are those who have mental or physical challenges. Simply put; they have to endure all sorts of nonsense from people just because they are "different", therefore they have become adept at enjoying every facet of life due to the challenges they face every day.

Here at Disability Dating we strive to connect people with people, because, let's face it, we are all people.

It's almost a guarantee that you will be caught completely off guard when you fall in love. Because love is blind to imperfections, it has no limitations and does not judge.

With the promise of ‘4052’ users online right now (*correct at the time of writing), this might be the only disabled dating website you need…

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