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Westbrook has always had a diverse religious history (see 'Photo-Archives' for individual church histories).

Many of the local churches have published anniversary booklets which not only tell a history of their religious growth, but also a history of our town, its people and of the era.

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Diane Gilman Designer Diane Gilman started her first fashion store as freshman college in Los Angles and soon became a popular destination among Hollywood Starlets. ) Collections as a blend of modern fashion and classic comfort in life style dressing.

A fan then wrote her, “If you’re serious, there is a Netflix form to request titles & we can request Good Luck Charlie Netflix Original Series.” Leigh-Allyn responded, “I say YES!

"I don't think there is such thing as a perfect relationship.

As interesting as the scrapbook contents are, sometime it is just as interesting to see what they were made of, old wallpaper books, old magazines, and old composition books.

In 2015 we received 197 more scrapbooks which were the life collection of Eleanor Conant Saunders, a Lifetime Member of the Historical Society and a much loved Westbrook citizen.

She was in tears, she said, ‘You have no idea what you’ve done for my life.

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