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My new friend, from Canada, explained to me how blown away he was at then New Zealand relationship style - which basically involves two people drunkenly meeting, kissing, going home together, waking up and BOOM! Here in Wellington, there seems to be someone for everyone too... In New Zealand, he said, there was no scene for singles. Not only is it a failure, it's a situation to be avoided at all costs because, socially, it's not the done thing. Not saying I wouldn't like it to go there (sorry for double negative) but what's the rush?

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But its lack of history is more than compensated for by its younger, vibrant population which is a mix of several cultures and ethnicities.

Dating culture is dead - instead, young New Zealand women are regularly getting drunk and cruising around in packs looking for men to have sex with.

That's one of the findings of a TVNZ Sunday investigation into the sexual behaviour of New Zealand women.

The hands-on pioneer Men in New Zealand are believed to be quite efficient in a practical and active kind of way.

They are considered to be good with machines and animals , particularly horses, besides being able to turn their hands to nearly anything.

A dating culture would be a nice thing in NZ, it's hard enough meeting people without the pressure that if you ask someone out on a date you're now going together.

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