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Basically, what this means is, Cindy Silva tried to reconcile her marriage at all cost, even though Kevin was said to be committing adultery.

Includes worldwide family tree, archives, historical stories, biographies, research contacts, family album and general news and information. Ancestral history of Michael Richard Clouse born 1954 in Port Huron, Saint Clair County, Michigan, USA.” Kevin Costner’s first Divorce, to Cindy Silva, who he met in college in 1978, was marked as one of the most important celebrity divorce cases in the 90’s (officially divorced in 1994).Most celebrity divorces don’t alter how mainstream divorce cases are handled, but in this case, multiple divorce attorneys have cited that this particular case had brought out how heightened emotions (loss, personal damage, personal impact, etc) can affect how cases are viewed now.Our readers are professional script analysts who carefully evaluate each entry and sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that your work is protected.After screenplays are narrowed to finalists, a panel of notable industry professionals conducts the final judging to determine the winners.Surnames include Andrews, Booth, Brayford, Burrell, Edge, Groves, Houghton, Johnson, Malthouse, Osgood, Avery, Biggs, Crabb, Harrington, Houtz, Rofe, Strang and Wright.

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