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and She hung 'em on the line and the sun refused to shine... Jeanie would like to know the etymology of "pork sausage" (as in "What's the difference, me old pork sausage, you're coming with me" from Dickens). I'd never heard this expression used for this particular meaning (although my brother-in-law says he can't drink liquor because everyone turns into an arsehole and it becomes his job to tell them) but Laurie persists, saying he heard the expression "aristotled", meaning very drunk, on The Eastenders.It is a reference of no great respect, sort of a "Come with me, little man", but if it is rhyming slang I can't figure out the rhyme. Has anyone heard either aristotled or arseholed being used to describe the extremely drunk or can anyone verify the the origins of the expression?"Hi there sexy guys, this is sexy Kandis, if you are up for a bit of fun tonight and can last more than a minute with this busty brunette then get calling you know the number to dial, I’ve got nice bald cunt here ... If you want to just chat to me or anything to your imagination, don’t hesitate but call me right now I’m here waiting for you, right now here I am. "Hi there I think you will find me a little bit different think of me as the girl next door friendly, honest, straight forward, down to earth but there’s also the other side the one beneath the surface I’m sensu..."Hi guys my names Erica I have long blonde hair and I’m 36D25-36 I just wish you were lying next to me right now so I could play with you and you could play with me just think of the wonderful orgasms we could hav... XX NS Difficult phone-call to deal with last night - brother-in-law said sister threatening to kill herself. I come home and walk into this situation which has affected the whole house. I have such selfish parents, their behaviour is bizarre at times. I'm quite amazed that it happened while I was out, I'm glad too. Although once I'm in 4th gear I want to just go like the wind. 15P 01 18.00 NS Aware that I have no symptoms of my cold. Unfeeling - able to say straight what I feel without considering the other person's feelings at all. XX NS Unmoved - there was a woman dying of cancer in a TV drama this evening, and I would normally be blubbing, but was completely unmoved by it, no feelings at all. XX NS I have a mouse in the kitchen since a couple of weeks and funnily enough I saw her for the first time ever in the night after we'd taken the substance. - I wanted to wash the dishes and run the tab before I went to bed. 18P 01 18.00 OS During the day I felt a lot less worried about things; I have a lot going on connected to the job that I have taken, in particular having to set up a limited company, take out insurances, find an accountant, deal with agency contracts, etc. The phone call could have sent me into a terrible spin, but I was very calm, just had a knot in my diaphragm. Feel we have the ability to deal with this in trustworthy way. Feel, well, it's their lives, their health, it's not my worry or responsibility. XX NS Feel stirrings in my abdomen when I get narked, but noticeable lack of strong feelings and emotions. This reminds me a bit of the effect of beta-blockers, which I was given by my GP about 9 years ago for panic attacks - I used to feel the adrenaline kick in fleetingly then the beta-blockers would take over, and it would go. Like the Jacko inquiry, there are many questions to be answered: Should you invite the stag's workmates, or will that mean he can’t let his hair down as much as he might like for fear of career-ending repercussions involving a fire extinguisher and a horse tattoo? Should you invite the father of the bride and/or groom to keep them sweet, or will they suck the life out of it with their weak grasp of popular culture and old, old memories?

Unless the stag is 16 and you’ve had all the same mates since playschool, deciding who to invite on a stag do is a veritable minefield of awkwardness and offence-causing.

Lincoln asks: I came to work here in the UK about 9 months ago, and since then have often heard reference to "wide boys." While I understand what the meaning is from context, what is the origin of this term? David writes: Years ago, my father named our sail boat the List O Kent based on something my Cornish grandparents used to say.

Scott wrote to me asking why there aren't any slang words for airplanes, clouds, the sky, airports, etc. Then thought some more and realized that he's right... Theyre all gone now and I cant find any reference on-line to what this means. Maggie asks: My father-in-law used to sing a cockney song about ''Them old red flannel drawers that Maggie wore'' Does anybody know this? She threw 'em on the mat and they paralyzed the cat Them old red flannel drawers that Maggie wore.

But, if you’ve never done it before, how can you be expected to know what it takes to organise a good stag do?

There’s loads to think about: who to invite, who to ditch (and how to ditch them), how much to spend, whether to go abroad or stay in blighty, what activities (if any) to do, what fancy dress you can force the stag to wear and, crucially, all the vagaries involved in deciding whether or not to book a stripper.

I have green eyes, shoulder length dark hair with a curvy body in all the right places with full big breasts and large nipples.

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