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It's only getting better so keep up the good work Dan. Teen chat is soooo addicting, it's so much fun meeting new and interesting people, I Love going in to Tha Canada room, I've made some good friends in these chat rooms, and I will always come here to kill some time PEACE!

I love how when you go into a chat room people actually know who you are.

It's quite fun to express feelings and thoughts and things about yourself on here also, which makes it fun for everyone.teenchat is so cool..i've tried so many other chatrooms and i don't have as much fun as i do when i'm in here...you're treated like family and you make friends so easily its soo cool!!!!

It's an easy way to interact with people around the world and to meet friendly chatters also. For the past ten years, I've met some incredible people, some who've I've gotten the chance to meet in person and are longlife friends now!

Once inside you may browse other chatrooms for instant chats. All channels are clean and monitored 24/7A huge list of Chat Servers with online users statistics.

Browse through these servers to list all their available chat-rooms and you may join any channel you want.

Change the color, style and size of fonts with ease.

Enter your nickname and join instantly, password is optional.

A quick and clean flash chat for anyone 16 with many cool options to enhance your chat experience.I've spent many years on this website and many others, but the 321 chat is the one I've always returned to and still do to this day!It has changed lots over the years and still has the amazing ''regs'' around! The most used keywords in text links are 321 teen chat, Teen chat and 321. You are Welcome to Join any Chat Room that Interest You and Try Some Funny and Cheesy Chat up Lines to Spice Up your Talk.Chat in real time, dozens of unique avatars and hot smileys to choose from. 15 Free Podcast Tools For Teachers Ardour Ardour is a free, fully-featured digital audio workstation, similar to other software like Pro Tools, Nuendo, Sonar and Logic, and capable of replacing analog or digital tape systems. Web 2.0 teaching tools to enhance education and learning — Edjudo. To accommodate this ever evolving world of information, teachers and students both need an online tool where they can collect, share, reflect, and grow from their learning.

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