Dating unicorn hunter

We have been discussing the trouble with triads so far, from a relationship point of view, how difficult they are, how much work they take and how the assumptions people make about them (that they are balancing or take less time management or less liable to cause jealousy issues* ) are flawed, yet I don’t think we have touched on why they are unpopular in Politically aware Poly communities.Despite the Triads unusually high failure rate (even by Poly standards) there is always a steady stream of couples entering into the Poly community looking for a third to join them.I've been up on it for about two years, I get a lot of messages from couples and people in open relationships because I am in the system as a bi-female who doesn't believe in monogamy and is cool with open relationships, among many other subtle indicators of who I'm interested in and who should be interested in me. For those that contact me: If you start out with, "My wife and I were checking out your profile and pictures...", I will not even bother to respond.That OKC even allows these indicators may make them pretty unique in the dating site realm. That's the first red flag for me to sort out people I don't want to see.

Not that there's anything inherently problematic about a couple looking for a hot bi third, to follow up yesterday's post. The point is, everyone gets to decide for themselves, [including as time goes on and things change], and they don’t get placed in a role they didn’t have a part of creating.Even those who have previously explored Polyamory by having short lived triad or female secondary relationships tend to see their desire for a permanent triad as an extension of their dyadic marriage, rather than a radical re-thinking of the standard narrative/paradigm.There is a small crossover between the secular/liberal and the devout/Biblical members of this community which means that there is some controversy with seeking a “bisexual sisterwife” usually these are in the forms of Biblical objections to Homosexuality, often countered with the injunctions being male specific, therefore the unicorn seekers get a fairly comfortable ride in this community.We’re not interested in a fling but in growing a deeply emotional, closed triad with the right single bi woman.She should be attractive, open minded and flexible” “Our pictures here are recent; we are attractive and have a youthful outlook on life. ) While we’re not obsessive, we do exercise regularly and generally try to take care of ourselves. Our family and friends are very vanilla so discretion is important to us.” “Please respond with recent pics. Please, absolutely no email from men or couples; we will not respond to them.” Dot and Jim seem like sincere, nice people but there are some things that they should know and discuss before embarking on the adventure of adding a bi woman to their relationship.Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight dark color t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom and sleeve hems for extra durability.

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