Dating fender bass by serial


Also overlap of serial numbers and dates come with regularity.Where to find the serial number The serial numbers on the guitar are provided through the years on various places.All material contained within is the property of the Tokai Guitar Registry.Serial numbers may be useful in determining the year of production of a guitar.Seem to have more of an angle to them - close but not exact, this change may have accurred as early as 1982 in the US.Check out the picture from the '85/'86 catalog, on the catalog page, to see what I mean. "Showdown: Fender Deluxe Reverb vs Ampeg Gemini I." 20th Century Guitar Magazine, August 1996, pp.

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Besides being a popular and important amplifier in its own right, the Bassman also became the foundation on which Marshall and other companies built their high-gain tube amplifiers. "Project Vibroclone" 20th Century Guitar Magazine, June 1996, pp 108 - 110. "Jazz Bass Beautification" 20th Century Guitar Magazine, July 1996, pp 118 - 119. Fender ceased production of 5B6 Bassman amplifiers during the spring of 1954.During November 1954, Fender introduced the newly designed 5D6 Bassman amplifier offering four ten inch speakers and was designed utilizing two rectifier tubes.with a front panel that had a rectangular grill cloth with rounded corners and looked much like a television of that era.

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