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They occupied the intersection outside the Liaison Office until the early hours of Monday morning. Others screamed in support of Hong Kong’s independence from Chinese rule.Twenty-four hours earlier, 25-year-old Yau Wai-ching was eating pizza.He might cut loose with a group of his friends from the bank, racking up enormous bills of at least £500.And stepping out from the pub, it takes less than a minute into another world again, to the New Makati nightclub where young girls in Lycra dresses buzz around expats, searching for those who want to pay for company.

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What might otherwise be a reasonably nondescript tower is made gaudy by the presence of a glass-plated panopticon at its top, giving a cartoonish impression of surveillance — as if some comic book supervillain is brooding on the other side of the glass, staring out at the metropolis below.

The first police interview was carried out on November 2 2014, the day after Jutting, then a Merrill Lynch banker, was arrested following the discovery of the bodies of two Indonesian prostitutes in his flat in Wan Chai.

Bystanders watch as a prison van (centre) transporting British banker Rurik Jutting, accused of the murders of two Indonesian women, leaves the High Court escorted by a police convoy in Hong Kong in the city's biggest murder case for years'They would be, say, 15 years old and I would basically turn these three girls into my sex slaves, it would be good to psychologically play them off against each other.' (on plans to abduct three pupils from £36,000-a-year Wycombe Abbey girls' school in Buckinghamshire).

His most recent scholarly work includes a detailed examination of the erosion of the adversarial process in the English criminal justice system.

Luke was selected for the Faculty's inaugural Research in Teaching & Learning Award (2015), in recognition of his research on the advancement of the teaching and learning experience.

Whilst there he was legal assistant to trial attorneys tasked with the indictment of Bosnian Genocide suspect, Radovan Karadzic.

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