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In the modern world, dating apps are very much part of the fabric of our everyday lives.As someone in a committed relationship, I love nothing more than hearing all about the single exploits of my friends and living through their stories."I think selfishness is always something that would stand out," Ben confessed."My life in Denver and my life in Indiana is very low maintenance.If you’re a fan, that’s great news – games on more and more nights, 24/7 chatter on radio, TV and the web, and the rise of fantasy football.

"Over the last couple of years as my life has kind of slowed down," he explained.Football, love it or hate it, has become America’s pastime.When you combine college football and the National Football League you have, by far, the most financially successful and viewed sporting activity in America."Well, you know, of course I'm excited to be a dad," the suitor agreed."I don't know if that's the next step, but I'm not against it." MORE: 4 Reasons We’re Worried About Ben Higgins Being the Next Bachelor is jam-packed with extraordinary ladies for Ben to choose from, but the Bachelor is definitely keeping his eye out for his biggest relationship deal breakers.To get you even more pumped for the two-hour premiere, ET caught up with the 6'4" hunk before his journey even began, to find out what he considers to be the ultimate dating deal breaker and why he's ready to tie the knot.

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