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Some cameras are observing an area that is off-limits to the general public because of significant volcanic hazards.

A lot of people really enjoy all my live web cam shows.

The webcams are operational 24/7 and faithfully record the dark of night if there are no sources of incandescence or other lights.

The fruit bats you will see have been rescued from the exotic pet trade, research, and retired from zoos.All four burglars have been caught and identified.” – A.G., Massachusetts (February 2016) “I was asleep at home when I heard a crash.Many of these bats have had terrible lives before finding sanctuary with us.Some of the bats came from people who purchased them as pets and then realized they were ill-equipped to care for them (we commend these people for doing the right thing).You also get access to all the other houses on my live 24/7 voyeur cam network.

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