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The instructions on this page are for Word Press users of all experience levels, whether they have server root access or not.

There is no easy hack because only a human can confirm the unexpected change is valid and how to recover from it.

In this file find php5:5.2.15:dbbb2beed6b51e05d134744f137091a9 and replace it with php5:5.2.14:6dff7429a1b43aa1c76a43e909215608 Then run ./build versions and ./build update_versionswget wget This patch file - I am not sure, but download it also.Then check the md5 and fallow the wget This patch file - I am not sure, but download it also. In my case everything works great with this sources. On my system, even though I edit to the older php 5.2.14, when I run ./build php it reverts it in to 5.2.15.Hello, This night I did an update of the entire server to run Cent OS 5.3 Rebooted and all came up fine.Consider upgrading or migrating to a later Plesk version. Now, whenever someone browses a subdomain you have not explicitly created in Plesk, they will be served the parent domain instead.Follow these instructions to finish setting up your Word Press network.If you use Plesk version 10.4 or later, follow the instructions below to add a wildcard subdomain.

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