Who is janet street porter dating


I don’t think the most interesting aspect of Hockney’s work is his sexuality; his Yorkshire landscapes are lyrical reinterpretations of perspective and colour in the tradition of the masters, Constable and Turner.

Not one to hold her tongue, Janet commented: "You've got exactly the same make-up on as you had on last night."Have you actually washed your face, or is it the same make-up?

The journalist is known for her no-nonsense appraisals of others and would no doubt have a thing or two to say about Welch’s flamboyant actions in the Big Brother house and her subsequent split from her husband after many years of marriage.

A source said: ‘To say relations between Denise and Janet are frosty would be an ­understatement.

Now lots of women work (many because they need to) and then see the majority of their earnings eaten up in childcare costs.

And what about the millions of latch-key children in the UK who come home from school and have to get their own food because mum is working miles away? Just as an irritated Theresa May pointed out, there’s not one neat group in British society called Jams (“Just About Managing”), and equally, there’s not one default attitude to work in the population at large.

Why should work be regarded as the most desirable way to spend your time, from the moment you leave school to the moment you take your last breath?

Host Ruth Langsford joked that Street-Porter could borrow her husband Eammon Holmes, to which she replied: “I'd love Eamonn but I think the best way is if the National Health Service open a new department next to A&E or outpatients for older women like me who can't find a partner, who are looking for a bit of nookie to prolong their lives.

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The explosive CBB contestant is thought to have told producers that she feels uncomfortable around Street-Porter and will not appear on the daytime chat show alongside her.

" while another added: "JSP calling Stacey Solomon a slut on loose women was a bit uncalled for".

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Imagine being THISCLOSE to the hand that drew Green Lantern!

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