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Leaderboard totals reflect cash and checks marked "received" on the online sponsor form as well as credit card and Pay Pal donations.

Team captains can enter as cash and mark "received" any money raised through promotions, such as bake sales and casual days and any sponsorship money paid to the March of Dimes, on their team's online form.

We are honored to attend a tour of the Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific on . The land for the Bangor base, 7,000 acres on the East side of the Hood Canal and approximately 500-600 acres directly across the Canal on the Toandos Peninsula, was purchased from local landowners beginning in 1941, and completed by 1944.

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And even when they joke around about their late sister and daughter, when they ask “What would Linda say about that?Along with the command name change, came a new mission: SWFPAC would become the missile production facility for the new generation FBM deterrent weapons—the TRIDENT I (C4) missile.By August 1980, SWFPAC was approved as a TRIDENT-capable facility and production of the new missile began. No cameras, camera cell phones or cell phones allowed in any of the areas. I will need the list by 26 Jan to be able to process access with Naval Base Kitsap.Guide to Kitsap County Washington ancestry, family history, and genealogy.Birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records, since 1857, when the county was formed.Commissioned as POLARIS Missile Facility Pacific (POMFPAC) in 1964, the POLARIS A3 missile facility was in full production and providing the Fleet with high-quality missiles by December of that year.

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