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Cam Too was established as a camellia nursery in 1982, as an outgrowth of a long term camellia hobby.

We are committed to the advance of camellia cultivation.

Nightlife is vibrant with Bar City (a stretch of four bars along a single corridor), the place to hang out.

During the day, kids and teen spaces keep the under-18s busy, while the outdoor sports court and pool deck give families and friends the chance to get together for a game of hoops or a dip in the pool.

Many times each year, our staff procures the top-quality Tahitian pearls from the new harvest directly from the farmers in French Polynesia.

Then, these pearls are meticulously sorted for size, shape, color and luster right in our wholesale showroom at 576 Fifth Avenue in New York.

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Some public areas on the ship feel a little dated, but the vessel is due for a refurbishment in 2017, which will address updates to lounges, restaurants and some cabins.Natural color Tahitian pearls are among the most popular cultured pearls in the marketplace today.As the world's largest internet pearl wholesaler, we specialize in natural color Tahitian necklaces of the round, baroque and multicolor varieties.All the surprising decor make Norwegian Pearl a good ship to get lost on (which you might do until you discover that the only way to get from one end of the ship to the other is on decks 7 and 12).During your explorations you might chance upon the colorful paintings that cover the outside promenade on Deck 7 (think cherry blossoms, dragonflies and giant clip art-esque paintings of paintbrushes and lipsticks).*Starting at MSRP is the manufactured suggested price and excludes delivery, setup, tax, title, license, and additional fees and expenses. Final sale price determined by authorized Indian Motorcycle dealer. Due to California emissions regulations, additional costs may apply when purchasing or leasing a Motorcycle in California.

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