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It sets out-both for CASA and the personnel involved in your operation-how you intend to comply with all applicable legislative requirements and manage the safety of your operation.

The regulations that are relevant to your operations will prescribe whether or not you need to have, and use, an exposition.

Where you are required to have an exposition, the relevant regulations will outline what you must include.

I am considering learning Latex in order to more easily maintain a bunch of manuals for my company.This is a common requirement for many of our Frame Maker students, and not a particularly fun part of their job.However, one of the fun parts of is helping my students solve their layout issues and this one came up yesterday.I'm just trying to determine if it is even feasible with the limitations of the system and, if it is, I would like some guidance from more experienced individuals to get headed down the right path.An exposition is a document, or set of documents, which describe how your organisation will conduct its operations safely.One of the requirements is to have a "List of Effective Pages" towards the beginning of the document which is a list of every page in the document and the revision level and date for that page.

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