Corel updating cache settings

In the long run, things will go much faster if the files are tripped of these problematic elements.

I’ll list each of the problems, how to check for them and how to remove them.

There are some hidden problems in some files that can cause things to slow down drastically.

It will take you a little while to check for these extra items and longer if you need to delete them.

And although it has taken a while, Adobe seems to have listened to those complaints.

Thumbnail previews are now generated on-demand rather than all at once, and metadata is loaded first so that filters can be used before all thumbnails have been generated.

Some users notice that Corel DRAW is much slower for them than for other users.

One area in particular that can be slow is using Copy and Paste.

This Bridge update also re-instates a feature that automatically identifies and stacks images shot in a sequence either for an HDR or panoramic composite.Bridge CC version 6.2 is available for download now.Press release: Today we are pleased to announce the release of Adobe Bridge CC version 6.2.That all changes today with multiple improvements including improved cache management, and an option to import images from external devices including i OS and Android mobile devices.Sluggish performance, especially when displaying large numbers of thumbnails has been a perennial complaint among photographers who use Bridge.The program will recreate the files upon next launch.

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