Android cursorloader not updating Random chat rooms for horney teenagers

I have a sqlite, contentprovider setup for my data.Now i know that all of this works just fine because i have an activity that implements a Loader Callback interface und has a List View that is updated via an adapter if the data changes.You just need to add in your Content Provider's query method, just before returning the cursor this: Notification Uri(get Context()Content Resolver(), uri).This will do the [email protected] Er Mi - that's incorrect if you are loading a 'derived' URI, for example a view.

The first part also lists all standard content providers that are part of the Android platform.

That’s true for your own providers but also for standard providers which offer some very valuable information.

For this tutorial I am going to use the User Dictionary.

These events are sometimes initiated directly by the client, by calling .

Just as often, however, these events are triggered by major Activity/Fragment lifecycle events.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make use of existing content providers.

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