Jin akanishi dating


After they received the bento, they both returned to the SUV, where they drove for a while before arriving at the underground parking lot of an apartment complex.It is at this apartment complex that both [alleged] ex-girlfriend Aragaki Yui and Nishikido are living in, although in separate rooms [allegedly].Beautiful woman stays over at Nishikido Ryo’s home; wearing no makeup, she accompanies him on outing to Origin Bento and Ion Supermarket It has been reported that Nishikido Ryo was seen taking a beautiful woman into his home, which is also reportedly the same home he shares with Aragaki Yui.

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The two may have developed a relationship after Nishiyama appeared on "Cartoon KAT-TUN" last year.Tomohisa Yamashita, who was recently announced to have landed the role for the upcoming drama “Flowers for Algernon,” has allegedly been involved with a side business which is forbidden by Johnny’s, according to Tokyo Sports.According to Tokyo Sports, Yamashita has been involved in a company that is selling Jin Akanishi merchandise.Akanishi and Yamashita have a deep friendship and have been frequently spotted out on the town late at night.It is because Yamashita has taken his friend’s finances into consideration that he is doing this side business.Akanishi's management at Johnny's Jimusho stated that the two are just friends, while Nishiyama's agency declined to comment.

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