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There are loads of restaurants in the Athens Plaka, Psiri and surrounding area.

If you try these out you will know what a good restaurant should look, taste and feel like, and be less likely to get a disappointing meal in one of the tourist joints.

If you don’t choose your restaurant carefully, you’ll end up somewhere that may have great food but is overwhelmed by the crowds and the service – and your experience – suffers.

Remember that if you order fish it is often sold by the kilo so before you choose make sure you know the price since it can vary greatly from one fish to another.

And a 2009 speed-dating survey from the University of Indiana showed decisions about pursuing a love-thing (or sample and move on), are made within seconds. Now, this is unscientific, but doesn’t it figure that the way to gain some evolutionary advantage on the first meeting-of-the-minds is a stellar venue? From the Fulton River District to Lincoln Park, we tried to accommodate a menu of date vibes: hip, young, fun and a wee bit loud is represented; quiet rooms for handholding and gazing; sophisticated cuisine for the experimental; vegetarians, we thought of you, too (you’ll find something delectable and meatless).

Who pays is still a sore spot: In an study of more than 17,000 singles, 44 percent of men said they would dump a woman if she didn’t offer to chip in on dates, and 44 percent of women were annoyed(! One caveat: These five aren’t bulletproof; that is, we can’t guarantee that great food and superb ambiance can overcome date bombs like flirting with the cutie at another table, licking your plate, self-absorbed chatter about your exes, or texting-while-wooing.

Barring that (please), perhaps one of these spots could nudge you into the Second Date Finals and not exiled (yet) to the “friend” zone.

Sepia is built in an 1890 print shop and it's filled with Old Chicago memorabilia and photos.

At Sabatino’s, violinists stroll around tables playing sentimental tunes, ceding the floor to a house piano player on weekends.

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