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Down There was a time you'd scream my name It used to be my getaway Now all we do is just complain Well maybe I'm the one to blame But the damage is done and it's obvious We can never go back to the way it was We're drifting apart and it's killing us It's killing us It's such a shame How did we end up this way?

There is no better for the title of New Found Glory’s eighth album.Mascherino called it "the most solid song [he's] ever had anything to do with." "It was the song that was the most group effort on that album," he explained."I think we all pushed each other really hard, and that's why we had good results. I kind of know what he's singing about, but I'd rather him get into it, you know? "We had a little room that we would go to in Manhattan that we rented out.He and Jordan Pundik, frontman of New Found Glory, DJ'ed throwback emo songs at New York's Irving Plaza. That's why there's an acoustic song with xylophone on it, that's why there's piano." For Mascherino, the "ripping guitar solo" on "Miami" -- coincidentally one of Lazzara's favorite TBS songs -- is a great example of this: "You don't get a lot of that on the mid-2000s emo records, but we were like, we really didn't care.We just wanted to make something that we thought was really good." A sold-out Emo Night crowd screaming "Make Damn Sure" lyrics is probably proof that Taking Back Sunday reached their goal of timelessness.It wasn't easy and there was a lot of tension, but it produced great things." Lazzara wrote the lyrics — "I'm gonna make damn sure that you can't ever leave / No, you won't ever get too far from me" — which were universally quoted in Myspace profiles, AIM away messages, and the like. We would just sit there with our laptop and our guitars and just craft each song one by one until we had about 20, and then that became Mascherino later admitted he sometimes misses the teamwork.

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