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Shock: Jacqui Beck was told at the age of 17 she had no vagina.She was diagnosed with MRKH, an unusual syndrome which affects the reproductive system - meaning she has no womb, cervix or vaginal opening Unexpected: Miss Beck was only diagnosed after she went to her GP about back pain - and mentioned in passing that she hadn't started her periods.

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It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I started researching women and design.Want to take part in an inter-disciplinary study day?Want to experience Academic Speed-dating for the first time? As you may have noticed, we have been very quiet over the last couple of months.Yet here we are and I must say it is a fascinating topic.The first World War has many heartbreaking stories associated with it; loved-ones bodies not… Imbolc, which falls on February 1st or 2nd is something I hadn’t really heard of until a couple of weeks ago and it turns out it’s pretty darn cool.Read more » Girlguiding Scotland calls on the media to end sexist coverage putting girls off politics 5th May 2017 Girlguiding Scotland is calling for action following concerns sexist coverage of female politicians is leaving girls feeling side-lined from the political conversation. Read more » Congratulations to our new Chief Commissioner!

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