Are stassi and jax dating


DJ Kennedy Returns to Pump Lisa Vanderpump had fired James Kennedy, but the former troublemaker was able to make a surprise return to Pump when he was hired to DJ for a private party. “Get your s--t together because I promise you, if you let me down, I will personally kick your ass,” Lisa warned.The Real Housewives star was clear that she had no intention of re-hiring James after the event was over, but that didn’t stop James from trying to change Lisa’s mind.“I would honestly just love to work here on Wednesdays again …” James hinted.Katie, 29, was annoyed that Schwartz, 32, seemed to be taking Ariana Madix's side in their feud.'Do I need to be blonde? Lisa Vanderpump gifted Katie and Tom with a swanky hotel suite as a present.Schwartz tried to persuade the girls to show their 'boobs for beads'.'That's hood rat…plus I still have too many breast reduction scars, I don't think I'm ready for it,' said Stassi.But instead of a party, Scheana found herself having to host a group therapy session: The future husband and wife were refusing to speak to each after Katie blew up at Schwartz for constantly defending Ariana Madix. “She’s going to be your wife,” Kristin reminded Schwartz.“I’ve really tried not to be insecure about this, but it’s very frustrating when the man I’m going to marry puts another woman’s feelings above mine,” Katie told the cameras. The groom responded by chugging a beer and crying out, “She’s so defensive! “I’m not sure if I’m proud or mortified about my next guest.

She’s like a true Southern girl,” Stassi Schroeder said.

She can’t take any criticism.” Jax Taylor waltzed over to offer his two cents. You guys can’t even stand the sight of each other right now. ” As the party spiraled out of control, Scheana stepped in and attempted to mediate. “Getting marriage advice from Scheana is like getting sobriety advice from [Mike] Shay,” Jax remarked.

“Kinda pointless.” Jax Says “Sorry” to Stassi For the sake of the NOLA trip (and their marriage), Katie and Schwartz finally kissed and made up.

Three weeks from their wedding, the couple were in dire straights, with their friends wondering if they should go into counseling.

Tom Sandoval took the opportunity to tell Katie that there was something 'deep rooted' about her troubles with Schwartz.'This is my bachelorette party, I should be dancing and having drinks, not talking about my relationship with Dr. The show opened with Stassi fretting over the bachelorette party and coping with being single.'I really just want someone tell her she's pretty and make out with her, so that she will stop f***ing crying about Patrick,' moaned Kristen Doute.

Scheana Shay organized a pool party for a pre-party, but Tom and Katie weren't speaking.

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