Index word not updating


This autonomy lends flexibility, but it can lead to questions about numbering pages — where do you start numbering, does each section start over with page 1, and so on.Fortunately, adding sections actually makes complex page numbering schemes easier, not more difficult.Once you identify the sections, you must decide how you want to number each one: Where is page 1, will each section begin with page 1, and so on.Once you know what constitutes a section, you can get to work creating them. For instance, Figure A shows a preview of a document with five elements: a title page, a table of contents, chapter 1, an appendix, and an index.See this message to subscribers for the reasons behind my decision.The nearly 3,000 articles here on aspects of the growth and change of the English language have been built up over nearly 20 years of work.

They're all part of the same dwelling, but each room has its own purpose and décor.They should give you as many hours of browsing as you wish.Consult the index or search using the box in the right-hand column on every page.See Co: Writer’s built-in speech recognition for yourself in this 2-min demo.A change in my circumstances means that I shall no longer be sending out newsletters nor adding or updating pages on the site.Let's create a section break between the table of contents and the first page of chapter 1 as follows: you insert the section break, you'll end up with an extra page, as shown in Figure C. Work from the end of the preceding page so you're less likely to miss that extra page.

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