Rss feed not updating automatically

I have a php page that connects to the database and inserts data into, and i also have a PHP RSS parser, but I'm not certain on how to connect them so that when there is a new item in the RSS Feed, it runs the PHP script and inserts that item into the database.

For example, say you are going on a holiday for one month and will not be able to update your weekly RSS feed during that time.

Posts published on the days there were supposed to but what I didn’t realise was that the WP Mods feed wasn’t being updated from 14 February to 19 February (which is the day I noticed the problem).

I noticed this issue when checking how many retweets some of my latest posts had.

The article I had written about had around 27 retweets but every single post afterwards had 0.

That’s when I realised that the RSS feed hadn’t been updated since 14 February.

Like the vast majority of bloggers, I use Feedburner to serve the RSS feeds of my blogs. It lets you keep count of the subscriber count, allows readers to subscribe via email and you can change the feed URL at a later time without losing any subscribers. Therefore, if your Feedburner account isn’t being updated, your subscribers won’t know that you have added new content. It’s an even bigger problem if, like me, your Facebook and Twitter accounts are automatically updated via your RSS feed, as it means that your Facebook and Twitter followers will not be informed of new posts either. I was on holiday for 9 days in the Caribbean so wasn’t checking WP Mods closely every day.

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