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The name "Danneel" was inspired by Danneel Street in New Orleans. She moved to Los Angeles and continued her acting training.

is a practicing ophthalmologist and her mother Deborah Graul works as an interior designer. Her first name is Elta, but she goes by her middle name, Danneel, professionally.

Twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes were born on the 2nd December 2016.

Remember when he said he hired Kate Beckinsale for Pearl Harbor because she wasn’t “too beautiful” – he thinks women watching movies get jealous if the female star is too beautiful!

Needless to say, his leading ladies including Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson, and Megan Fox, were no-show at the ceremony and we love them for that.

Usually when a director gets a star on the Walk of Fame, the actors he turned into stars come to say nice things about him.

A few guys turned up, but none of his leading ladies support the lascivious director Michael Bay, dubbed director, 52, buddies up to his macho male stars, but he’s known to be a boorish jerk who objectifies women.

However, in season five, Harris only reprises the role of Rachel in two episodes due to the seasons format change.

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