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Even with the window cracked open, the car can quickly turn into an oven, and your dog will get dehydrated.See article Dog Is My Co-Pilot (And Other Bad Ideas).

Speaking of projectiles, don’t feed your dog a lot before the trip as they are prone to motion sickness. Wait until there’s a break and you can give her a small snack, preferably high in protein.Donna White 24/4/17 Amazon Have tried so many different calming remedies for a fearful dog, this is the best , I spray it on her Bandana , and I can actually relax with her now on our walk .If visitors are coming , I spray a little in the room , and she actually settles down , whereas at one time she would have been pacing or behind the sofa . Chloe Auld 23/4/17 Facebook I swear by this stuff it's truly amazing as an animal nursing assistant and pet groomer it's something that is a must from nervous dogs to stress cats, mischievous small furries to big spooky horses.There are few disasters in a person’s life that are worse than having to drive off without a pet because all means of locating and recovery have failed.This kind of tragedy will haunt you for the rest of your life; don’t let it happen.Folks may have an emotional support animal due to a mental impairment if they are also otherwise disabled or elderly or they may have an emotional support animal because of a mental illness disability.

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