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And at that time it replied to a message from one Russian citizen asking whether the the agency would at least “suggest an alternative” to the popular site.

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Well, after seeing this, I was definitely suspicious about this "Luba".

For the military division of the Order, crossed swords are added below the crown above the two eagles' heads.

Awarded to top and senior military officers, for the conduct of military operations to protect the Motherland in the case of attack by an external enemy which resulted in the complete defeat of the enemy, for the execution of combat and other operations in other states aimed at restoring international peace and security, for being a model of military science with feats that exemplify military prowess, who were previously awarded state awards of the Russian Federation for distinction in combat.

We do everything in our power to secure your safety when using our service.

We’ve created our dating website to provide you with an efficient and powerful tool in your search for the best women from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, and other Slavic countries.

It isn’t the first time that the agency has blocked Pornhub – doing so in September 2015.

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