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Its perfectly normal if you are still in the process of tying to figure out your sexual orientation.

Adolescence can be a period of experimentation, and many youths may question their sexual feelings.

Being "bi-curious," "gay curious," and "questioning" refer to people who are unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. People who are "curious" or "questioning" often go through a period of self exploration. They may experiment with their feelings and attractions to see what identity would best describe them.

Some people question whether they are lesbian or gay. is a phenomenon in which people of a heterosexual or homosexual identity who, while showing some curiosity for sexual activity with a person of the sex they do not favor, distinguish themselves from the bisexual label.

The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are also applied to bi-curiosity. Do I imagine relationships with someone of the same gender?

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