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The source added saying that Styles said he was innocent and was just saying goodbye to a friend.

Although Taylor saw it differently and felt like Harry was “looking at every girl” but a few months later she decided to give the relationship another go.

Miley Cyrus, 20, and the word “twerk” are now synonymous, and like her hit song, she can’t stop and won’t stop with her love of twerking.

Her friend Mandy Jiroux, 25, a dancer and choreographer for Sky Blu of LMFAO, explains why that is.

Miley told us if anything ever happened to her, then we should let her fans know before the public ... Its about 4 feet wide with razor sharp teeth." A spokesman was quick to deny the claims, insisting that it was the work of a hacker.

Twitter followers The micro-blogging site’s 100 million users had their address books wiped clean, leaving celebrities bemused as they suddenly appeared to have no “followers”.

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She sang a duet with John Travolta for the 2008 animated film Bolt.The source then gave further details saying that when Taylor and Harry were in London he disappeared one evening and Taylor thought after that it was like he just didn’t want to keep going. From Backstreet to 1D, boys in bands will always have our hearts.The teen star was forced to reassure fans that she was still alive after an internet hoax killed her off in 2008.Visitors to the singer’s You Tube page entitled the Miley and Mandy Show, were greeted with a two-minute video of Cyrus’s balled Goodbye along with a message purporting to be from her friend Mandy Jiroux saying she had been killed in a road accident.Francois Cousteix, who surfed the web under the name Hacker-Croll, had faced a maximum custodial sentence of two-years after the FBI tracked him down.

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