C progress bar not updating

Consider the code below for a simple form with a progress bar, a button, and BGW is a Background Worker with Modifiers = Public.

This works but if I change bln Run In Module to true it doesnt update. Crossing threads, I suspect, although I'm a little surprised you're not raising an exception.

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But it do change in the end of for loop and shows the last item in loop. Note: All these codes are written directly without testing as I don't have my application now with me. On the other hand, if its taking too long then try giving a break between each iteration of work. Reviews: "dunfiddlin likes his Data Tables" - jmcilhinney Please be aware that whilst I will read private messages (one day!) I am unlikely to reply to anything that does not contain offers of cash, fame or marriage!Also does not have support for text inside the bar. You can set the attribute after map but only to start or stop the animation. The control display is not updated, must set VALUE attribute to update.the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs. In Windows it will work only if using Visual Styles. ORIENTATION (creation only): can be "VERTICAL" or "HORIZONTAL". Horizontal goes from left to right, and vertical from bottom to top.Here on Windows 7, it has a nice animated gradient, as seen on the screenshot.

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