Dating site profile picture advice


If you're lucky to find more pictures of your match and their furry friend, you'll know that they understand what it is to be an animal lover.

The Labrador Retriever If you're looking for loyalty, spontaneity and a bundle of fun all rolled into one, a match that features a healthy and happy Lab in their profile pic may be the way to go.

For better or worse, while single guys are generally much more visual than girls, both sexes tend not to click on personal ads unless they first check out the potential soulmate’s dating picture.In terms of framing, we’d recommend a head-on shot which clearly shows your handsome face.If you’re still desperate to share those topless images then we would recommend adding them to your photo gallery and choosing something natural like a holiday pic.The truth is really in the numbers and pof sign up is quick and painless.Here is the thing, knowing we are talking about meeting people online and not so much seriously dating them.You probably already know this is true because you do the same thing.

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