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By turns pulse-quickening and contemplative, “The Crash Reel” is a thoroughly winning docu portrait of former pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce, whose 2009 accident while training for the Winter Olympics left him with a traumatic brain injury — and a feverish desire to return to the slopes ASAP.

Aided by excellent footage of half-pipe action and the intimate participation of Pearce’s protective family, director Lucy Walker (“Waste Land”) pulls off a spectacular feat of her own, balancing the needs of extreme sports vid and cautionary tale.

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ABILENE TOWN 1946-USA; 90M; B&W WESTERN, D: EDWIN L. THIS STRAIGHTFORWARD BIOPIC ADDS THE VIRTUES OF SINCERITY AND FIDELITY TO THE FACTS. FOUR EX-AIRMEN LIVING ON THEIR WITS ARE ASKED TO WATCH OVER A YOUNG WOMAN (AN EX-WAC) UNTIL SHE IS REUNITED WITH HER FIANCEE.But Pearce was more than that: He was (and still is) a snowboarder's snowboarder.Pearce could ride it all -- pipe, park, backcountry -- and was on his way to becoming one of the best all-around riders in the world before a double-cork gone wrong changed the course of his life.From the early silent movies of Charlie Chaplin to the famous westerns of John Wayne. D: JOSEPH ZITO; C: LIEF ERICKSON, DOROTHY MALONE, JUDITH-MARIE BERGAN, DAVID PENDLETON, LAWRENCE TIERNEY, GREGORY ROZAKIS.EXPLICIT AND STRAIGHTFORWARD ACCOUNT OF A YOUNG WOMAN - NOT UNLIKE PATTY HEARST - WHO IS KIDNAPPED AND TRANSFORMED FROM DISTRAUGHT CAPTIVE TO KNOWING PARTICIPANT.Many people in the world outside of snowboarding came to know Kevin Pearce through news of the traumatic brain injury he sustained on the way to the 2010 Olympics.

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