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So I was at 35,992 gamerscore then I unlocked an achievement for 10gs and I checked on my console, the achievement unlocked but I am still at 35,992what gives? I had 35,992g before I played Zoo tycoon, but when I won the 10g achievement it didn't add on to my gamerscore online or on my console. But the 25G wasnt added to my Gamerscore earlier today I got an achievement in Contrast and that was added and updated.

This is the third achievement error with the xbox one! Long story short i have 77 711G and should have 77 736G. I unlocked a 25G achievement in Peggle 2 and TA says i have aswell.

It might seem like a simple thing to code and work with, but when you are constantly adding new features, it becomes complicated real fast.i finished saints row gat out hell and got the 50g achievement for beating the game and it did not add to my overall gamerscore i have earned 110gs since from saints row gat out of hell and from project spark and the achievement still has no gave me the 50g it has added to saints row and says i have yet i have 50,860g when it should be 50,910.

not sure why it is i have tried signing in and out and obviously tried earning other achievements mostly 10s and 20s.

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