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Therefore the subject header is a good place to reemphasize what you're looking for.

Here's an example Mary might use: State What Action You Want Interested People to Take Many sites these days have hotlists, smiles, virtual flowers, Friend lists, etc.

In a survey conducted by It’s Just Lunch of over 26,000 singles on how technology impacts relationships, 65 percent of respondents said they were more likely to text than call after swapping phone numbers with someone to whom they’re attracted.

Nearly half of them indicated they interacted with their love interest on social media either daily or weekly.

The problem for Mary was that because she didn't specify exactly what she wanted, her profile was left open to the interpretation of the reader.

So she began to receive a lot of communication from people who she would never date (due to distance, age, or whatever).

What if I told you a little preparation can make for more ease and peace on that first encounter?

Feel free to pull out your phone and fire off a short text or email.If he doesn’t make you giggle, smile and think, then it’s just not worth trying to go out with him.You see ladies, this type of playful communication banter is a good thing.Presented on February 9 , 2010 at the University of Washington Medical Center.Does a spinal cord injury change the importance or nature of communication in a relationship?Here are four instances to watch out for when it comes to your means of communication: Plan dates over the phone There’s a time and a place for texts, emails and social media, but it’s not when planning dates early in your relationship.

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