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We normally do not sell tickets more than one month in advance so that we are able to implement feedback and improvements as quickly as possible.If you would like to be informed about new routes, sign up here for the Mein Fernbus Flix Bus newsletter or become our fan on Facebook.This demonstration project will provide the region with experience and data to make long-term decisions about how Express Lanes can provide the Atlanta metropolitan area with a more reliable transportation option.All motorists who want to use the I-85 Express Lanes must first open a Peach Pass account. Peach and click on the “Open a New Account” tab and follow the prompts.

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There are three things that are near and dear to our hearts: punctuality, attractive departure times and the best transfer connections.

In this post we’ll put everything together and show you how to communicate between your Android application and the Arduino using nothing but the Android USB host API.

Remember, this approach has nothing to do with Android ADK!

Most Android 3.1 tablets will suffice (some may require an USB OTG adapter).

Also, the Galaxy Nexus has host mode enabled and matches the requirements (you will need an USB OTG adapter however).

You can find all of the bookable connections using our search form on the Flix Bus app and at

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