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Apparently the event coordinators think so too, because the Chocolate Affaire also boasts the largest gathering of romance novelists in the Southwest. You have to love the words so much you'd rather write than watch Downton Abby if you don't have time for both. Most people don't know this about me, but I spent the first ten years of my "writing career" extremely poor.

Ackerley Genre: Memoir Publisher: Blackstone Audio Publication Date: 2011 (originally published 1965Read by: Ralph Cosham Source: A Friend The Short Version: A memoir of a man and his dog Why I Read It: It was a gift from a friend who knows how much I enjoy Ralph Cosham’s narration.Writing the book is hard, but oddly enough, it's the easy part when it comes to being an author. An active person, being forced to sit still to recuperate from an injury a few years ago was excruciating. What advice do you have for aspiring authors who are hoping to get published? As a lawyer I chose appellate work (more writing) and post-conviction litigation (more research and writing) and the two careers married each other.Since I didn't watch TV, and I was getting depressed at all the books I was reading from the New York Times Book Review list, I decided to write something fun to amuse myself. To "make it" as a writer, you need to write and keep writing.I also got to meet hot romance cover model, Jimmy Thomas. Following the event, I had the opportunity to do a brief interview with some of these lovely ladies, so please take a moment to check out their work and the wonderful things they had to say. I started writing when Harlequin folded some of my favorite lines and I could no longer find the stories I wanted to read. I had no money for food and lived on bags of popcorn from a vendor whose kindness I will never forget. I took any job I could that involved writing and some that didn't (I once washed dishes in a cafeteria). I never identified myself with the "job" I had; I considered myself a writer.It helped that I had an hour and a half commute to work so I could write those stories. Sometimes I was lucky enough to copyedit other people's writing, teach writing and even freelance.Barka da zuwa Turakar Sha'irai (Hausa Poets Blogspot).

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