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List View is a data bound control similar to Data List and Data Repeater controls but it provides edit, insert, and delete , sort operations on the data that it bounded like a Grid View control.Unlike Grid View control List View gives the user full control over the rendering of the page.I want to do something simple like this: form View. Data Bind(); All the examples i've come across show a declerative data source being used. I can get the information going through the cells by parsing the html but that smells funny.the Form View Update Event Args always has the Old Values and New Values collection empty.(Keys is too). Design, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=b03f5f7f11d50a3a", "System. Most templates are optional; however, you must create a template for the mode in which the control is configured. The Form View control supports the following features: For the Form View control to display content, you need to create templates for the different parts of the control.

NET YSOD(Yellow Screen of Death): Click on Show Complete Compilation Source, if your curious about how ASP. When examining the source, we see a rather interesting method: As you can see in the above method, an Ordered Dictionary is created and the Selected Value property of the Drop Down List is pushed into the "Category ID" field.

Creating your own templates gives you greater flexibility in controlling how the data is displayed.

It is similar to the Details View control, except it displays user-defined templates instead of row fields.

But how does this get all the way to the data control?

Each control has a Build Control method associated with it, if we examine the Build Control method for the Template Field it becomes a bit more clear how things get hooked up.

Details View control is a data-bound control that renders a single record at a time.

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