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What makes Lively different from not only Zoosk, but also other dating apps on the market today, is the way it uses media to enhance users’ profiles.Nowadays there are two known for the majority of the Internet users possibilities to build their home network – one based on Ethernet solution using the UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable; and the second one based on the WI FI technology.Both used techniques have their disadvantages: For the UTP they are: I would like to propose another alternative for building of small home networks. The 1mm fiber diameter is about 500 times thicker than a glass optical fiber.It pretends to be the simplest to build, resistant to heat, humidity, vibrations, radio waves. 96% of the cores cross section conducts modulated light for data transmission similar to glass optical fiber applications.POF is often regarded as an optical home network because POF is easy to install.The fiber is thin, can be shortened to the desired length by a sharp knife and requires no connectors on its ends.The latest POF fibers operate at a wavelength of 650nm, are in mass production and offer state of the art network bandwidth.POF Eye is a special-purpose hand-held weapon system similar in concept to the Corner Shot that can fire weapons around corners.

Auto--The auto industry benefits from POF; its tight bending radius and high data tranfer capability make it well-suited to the automobile environment.As internet capability and other high data transfer features make their way into our cars and trucks, POF will carry the signal about the vehicle.Zoosk, the online dating company with 38 million members, is today launching a new application called Lively, aimed at a younger demographic.According to Zoosk’s Vice President of Product Management Behzad Behrouzi, Lively is not intended to eventually replace Zoosk, but will rather live as a standalone offering.“We continue to experience an increase in demand for digital dating services and have reached the point where we are able to build and take a product to market that is focused on more specific demographics or dating approaches,” Behrouzi says of why Zoosk wanted to build a new app.However, the company claims it has been EBITDA profitable for the past six quarters, and has just seen its second consecutive quarter of revenue growth.

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