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— Researchers have made the first detailed map of the regions into which the brain of one of the most closely-related organisms to the vertebrates is divided and which could give us an idea of what our ...— Paleontologists have uncovered a new fossil species that sheds light on the origin of mandibulates, the most abundant and diverse group of organisms on Earth, to which belong familiar animals such as ...Like most other mammals, we are part of a large and diverse family tree.Fossil discoveries show that the human family tree has many more branches and deeper roots than we knew about even a couple of decades ago.In fact, the number of branches our evolutionary tree, and also the length of time, has nearly doubled since the famed ‘Lucy’ fossil skeleton was discovered in 1974!

The debates concern the precise evolutionary relationships - essentially, ‘who is related to whom, and how.’ Click here to explore information about different early human species.

We talked about relative dating of rocks and how scientists use stratigraphic succession to compare the ages of different rock layers.

You should already understand that the lower rock strata are generally older than the strata found higher up in the rock.

— Chickens were domesticated from Asian jungle fowl around 6,000 years ago.

Since domestication they have acquired a number of traits that are valuable to humans, including those concerning appearance, ...

Its fossils are found in Devonian strata, which are assigned a stunningly vast age of 400 million years.

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