Dating hairy women


guess I lose either way," says Shelby, 30."Many years ago I dated a man with a lot chest hair and it was one of the reasons I decided it was best to break things off. " says, or rather exclaims, Sally 24."I don't really have a preference, but I love a good fuzzy belly.

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Afterward, he invites you back to his place for a drink.It's the New Year so, for many, that means it's time for resolutions! and I feel a bit conflicted saying that because I feel as though I should embrace that same attitude if the roles were reversed but I still regularly groom/remove my own body hair," says Monika, 26.If you're the type of guy who's been obsessing over your body hair, or lack there of, and what to do about it, here's your chance to get some ladies' insight on the matter before you do anything drastic. Limit your pubes, if you can, please."I once told a guy that he should do some trimming because the hair was sooo long you could hardly find anything. 'I’m not very hairy for a man (except on my head) so my preference is for women I’m dating to not have hair from the eyebrows down.I see body hair as a masculine feature, so I am more attracted to someone who has less hair (otherwise this would challenge my manly feature of having body hair).Would you be weirded out if your crush shaved his chest, or does it seem suave and cool?

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