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WATCH: Legends Carol Burnett and Frankie Vallie Get Married on ' Hawaii Five-0' The new woman in his life is the fun-loving, outdoorsy, carefree spirit, Lynn Downey (Sarah Carter), whom the Aussie star describes as "the perfect match for Mc Garrett." Now high praise!

Mc Garrett and Downey get on almost immediately during their first date, when they decide to go on an island adventure.

Apparently between the ages of 30-35 the chances of getting pregnant is 15% falling to 5% at age 40. For me this is made worse by the fact that at my age, in MY family, its strange I don’t have children. On the very same day, things start to go wrong, as her ‘perfect plan’ gets messed up when she meets Stan (the drool-worthy Alex O’Loughlin) who she very soon realises could actually be ‘The One’.

Amazingly she becomes pregnant on her first try and what we see for the rest of the film is how Zoe and Stan cope with a new relationship at the same time as trying to deal with the ups and downs (and responsibility) of the pregnancy.

I had seen quite a few bad reviews before seeing this film but that stuff usually never bothers me anyway.

I always prefer to see films and come to my own conclusions, thank you very much!

As Steve busily prepared to launch a rescue op, Catherine made wonderfully awkward small talk with Lynn, who let slip that a marriage proposal was imminent at the time Catherine bailed on Steve last season.

"He's pretty shut down when she comes onto the scene, it's one one of those moments where he sees her and we'll see what happens down the road but it looks pretty promising," Carter teases.

WATCH: Relive ' Hawaii Five-0's' 100th Episode Celebration But, not everything goes smoothly.

“Thank you Alex and Malia for a delicious New Years dinner and great company. 😍,” Jonathan‘s rumored fiancee Mara Lane captioned the pic.

See other celebs who wed this year O'Loughlin and Jones, both 37, married in a quiet ceremony in Hawaii where they live. Both also have children from previous relationships.

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