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We do not have a specific chatroom for every asian country but with the continued growth of 321 Asian Chat we would eventually like to add rooms such as Korea chat, Taiwan chat, Japan chat, Hong Kong chat, China chat , India chat and Thailand chat as well as the Pacific Islands.

(Canada and the UK have significant Asian ties and are also represented within our chat rooms).

Chat with other Asians with similar interests and experiences.

Our free live chat is available at any time and our Asian chatters are not only Asian-American, but come from all over the globe.

These apps appear to have been uploaded to Google Play since early November.

Korean Ties Flagship program participants enjoy additional free time in Busan and then fly to Jeju, the largest island off the coast of the Korea peninsula.

In a recent blog, Mc Afee Labs reported on suspicious Java Script-based Android chat applications for Japanese users.

These apps were found on Google Play, and steal users’ phone numbers.

Most of them, though not all, are related to adult content.

Figure 2: One of the suspicious apps offers (non-adult) wallpaper.

Jeju Island is called the “Hawaii of Korea” and is both beautiful and interesting.

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