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Targets of family scapegoating are blamed and shamed inappropriately for the problems in their family.They endure ongoing, multiple losses and harm to their sense of self from this form of abuse. (Special Education Teacher Specialist) Cell 250-586-3686 Home Eligible for Autism Funding through the BC Ministry of Family and Children (425) 672-2716 Darlene Mikkelsen, OTR/L (Pro trained and Home Supervisor Program) Katie Dawson, OTR/L (Focus trained and Home Supervisor Program) Ann Brown, COTA/L, SLPA-C (Focus trained) Caitlin Kahn, DPT (Focus trained) Stephanie Henriksen, PTA (Focus trained) Daniel Kruse, PTA (Focus trained) Janet Wong, PTA (Focus trained)(403) 686-3391 Sonya Sawers, OT [email protected] Cherrington, B. SLP [email protected] Vickers, OT [email protected] Trenaman, Therapy Assistant [email protected] Suvanto, Therapy Assistant [email protected] “Find i Ls Services” section of the site is intended to connect clients with i Ls Program providers.

Aboriginal people also constitute a significant portion of prison populations throughout Canada, and the number of First Nation inmates continues to rise at a considerable rate.

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Family should be a refuge for all, but becomes destructive through three main mechanisms – hostility, betrayal and ostracization of the scapegoat.

Scapegoating creates an adversarial atmosphere of winners and losers, where loyalty is for sale to s/he who will submit to the will of the main bully/bullies.

It’s a lovely piece of property, though, and now that I’ve found the house’s Web site, I’ll go back if I get a chance.

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