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But the world is teeming with apps that recognize other sights, sounds and stimuli. Evernote (free; Android, i OS, Mac, Windows): Evernote is the popular notepad-of-all-trades app that keeps your notes synchronized across all of your gadgets.

If you snap a photo of something that includes writing (or paste in such an image), even handwriting, its behind-the-scenes optical character-recognition algorithms decipher the writing as text.

By adding video recordings to your sermon library, you’ll be able to offer your viewers all the benefits of visual communication: increased clarity, nuance, and understanding. The camera, of course, is the main piece of equipment you’ll need.

In the past a high-quality camera was an expensive purchase.

Then, for probably 30-45 minutes, he pours out his soul to the congregation in one concentrated dose.

Video doesn’t just provide a “richer” experience, it communicates more clearly to the viewer.

In this guide we’re going to look at what it takes to record video of your sermons for distribution to your congregation.

The gist of my issue is that when i connect either the surveilzone cc1529 or the runcam hd (with 3 pins, one being power in either case) to the leads off my vector, this results in a background hum or buzz in the audio feed (even without a microphone or audio line being sent out).. To me this sounds like a ground loop issue, though i'm still a novice in tracing how to fix this, i was pretty sure i had things setup to avoid a ground loop, well at least with the ESC's.

Without a diagram this is basically how i have things wired..

Battery --- power connector --- Vector Current Sensor --- ESC connector.. and i also have a 5 amp ubec that fees off the - of the vector current sensor and plugs into the left side of the vector, giving 5v to that left side (yeah i know i didnt really need it, but rather than trying to run esc to the vector to provide the 5amp, i chose to use a separate supply)..

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