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One tipster says his name is Mike White, and that he’s Bomer’s ex-boyfriend before he hunkered down with PMK/HBH chief Simon Halls.(We asked White, who is New York-based, to confirm but we haven’t heard back.) But here’s one thing we know about White for certain: Bomer chooses ’em good.The film role also earned him a Golden Globe Award, a Critics’ Choice Television Award and an Online Film & Television Association Award along with nominations for a Primetime Emmy and a Satellite Award. The couple was honored with the Ambassador of Children Award “because they, through deed and example, embody the values of the organization’s mission, share its passion to strengthen and support children in crisis, and advocate for those most in need.” Busy Philipps, Christopher Gorham, and Carson Meyer all stepped out to show their support at the event. Looking forward to celebrating the incredible services being provided by Hollygrove and Uplift family services, and all the wonderful counselors and volunteers helping at risk youth every day,” Matt wrote on his Instagram account that day.

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Matt Bomer talks about his new show White Collar, being molested on the set of Magic Mike and an online campaign to get him to star in the new Fifty Shades of Grey film. A teacher in sixth grade who ran the theatre arts class.The 37 years old actor began his journey as an actor when he was in her early 20s and has proved to be one of the most talented personalities of the industry through his performance in films and television series such as The Normal Heart, Chuck, White Collar, and many others. An actor with dynamic personality, Matt has revealed his sexuality as gay.Best recognized by the professional name Matt Bomer, the charismatic figure was born as Matthew Staton Bomer on 11th October 1977 in Webster Groves, a city in St. He dated a guy named Mike White a long time ago and began dating his future spouse Simon Halls in 2008. In Spring, he attended Klein High School where he met his future co-actor Lee Pace.Fear is a great motivator but it was a great experience working with Steven Soderbergh and those great actors. The extras were such a part of making that world real. What’s your forthcoming film, Space Station 76, about? You ‘came out’ in a speech at an awards show last year. I just thanked my family in a way that anyone would. ‘s Matt Bomer in the photos that have been circulating?, in which he plays a gay man dying of AIDS during the early days of the epidemic, the actor acknowledges the original play's writer Larry Kramer for helping pave the way for gay rights.

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