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A stunt by Col Gaddafi’s officials has been foiled after it was discovered a girl who was said to have been seriously injured in a Nato air strike in Libya had really been been admitted to hospital following a car accident.Hospital staff have said the baby girl, identified as Haneen, that Libyan authorities claimed was a victim of Nato strikes had really been admitted after a road crash.

They all are volunteers who works for justice, each of them have his/her own problems, own fight and his/her own life..

Football is the most popular sport in Libya and people enjoy playing it and talking about the matches they watch.

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There are many topics that could be used to start a conversation with Libyans.

Talking about the weather is a good topic to start with, especially the hot weather in summer and how to get away from it by enjoying the splendid Libyan beaches.

This is the truth.’ Outside, a man claiming to be the girl’s neighbour shouted pro-Gaddafi slogans.

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