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This is because Debra Jo Rupp, the actress who played Kitty, kicked the habit in real life.14/20. One was Tina, her younger sister who was eventually written out.

Jackie is the only character to call her friends by their first names no matter what (instead of Forman, Hyde, Kelso, and sometimes Pinciotti). There was also a never-seen older sister named Valerie who was off at college.

Kitty gives Donna a box of Eric's things she found cleaning out his room.Donna and Randy are dating, but trying to keep it a secret.The gang discovers them kissing at the movies and gives them a hard time about it.Later, as Donna listens to an old tape Eric made her, Randy shows up, and Donna realizes she's not comfortable moving on from Eric yet.She talks to Hyde, then tells Randy she's not ready, and he's completely understanding, which makes breaking up with him even harder for Donna (why couldn't he just be a jerk? After a talk with Red, however, Donna realizes she really wants to be with Randy, and, in Eric's empty bedroom, Randy and Donna get back together. Kitty calls Donna a "two timing whore" and storms out.That's a lot to deal with, especially considering the scieo crap.

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