Updating the content type failed infopath


Once you’ve added some columns, your page should appear something like this: Now that the content type is ready, we can move onto our next step.

I got a variety of error messages including “Updating the site content type failed”. I had tried publishing to a document library, as a content type, trying to modify content types, etc.Actually it updated the document template but I wasn’t thinking about that when I saw the error message.If I add the field from sharepoint directly (rather than from code) to the content type, it does update the list as well.Thanks, Joseph My experience in these scenarios is that you need to iterate through all usages of your contenttype manually and add your field to each instance of the content type.You can also specify enterprise content management features for your content type, such as property promotion and demotion, workflow, or (if you have Office Server 2007) information policy.

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